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Welcome to TREMMA! 

Vibrato Perfection:  Dollar$$$$ Save over 30%....10 mins. to fit!!! Worldwide Postage!
 USA model (US200) in Stock..  Fits-(American made hard tail guitars with-imperial thread post holes)ie. Gibson, Les Paul hard tail etc. and of course the popular VB100 model for Asian made hard tail guitars.(metric thread). 

The TREMMA guitar vibrato bridge will suit all genres of music from Blues, jazz, rock, metal, country, indy, you name it!
Breath some life into your solid body guitar without damaging or affecting the body, simply screw to existing holes!!
If you want to be playing perfectly smooth, sustained vibrato on any note or chord anywhere on the fretboard, you can be doing it within minutes of fitting the TREMMA. Keep your pick close to the strings while getting sharp hard to achieve vibrato on open notes, harmonics, even sustain, without trying to bend the neck of your guitar. This bridge is unique to the world of guitars, there is nothing else like it on the market !
This web site is the only place in the world to purchase this unique vibrato bridge!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fit:

Retro fits all Tuneomatic®, or Tone Pros® bridge type and stoptail guitar setups, with metric 8mm post hole ferrules both front and back,(most Asian made guitars) or USA made imperial thread screws 5/16 Tail, 10/32 UNFbridge, (see photos) and installation. If you are still unsure if the screw thread type will fit, e-mail us and ask for the FREE screw sample pack & template to be sent to you.

No need to compromise your original setup, there is no drilling, routing or cutting! Just fit with Allen key.(supplied with Tremma)

Just unscrew your original bridge and stop tailpiece then screw on the TREMMA bridge in the same  post holes with screws provided. If you sell or change guitars simply return to standard and keep the TREMMA to fit your next guitar.


Your tone will be enhanced by the four points of contact through to the guitar body, instead of the standard two points on the original bridge.

Revolutionize guitar playing and get the edge over other players. Extend your lick vocabulary with unique sounds which you can only get from TREMMAs picking hand vibrato bridge. transfer TREMMA technique vibrato to your wammy fitted guitar!!

As long as you have sound, feedback or sustain, on open or any note or chord, you can add smooth, even vibrato, to add fullness and depth.

Play Slide and get perfect  vibrato on any note ( even open notes ) within minutes of fitting!!

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